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I want to see Mads trying to eat Hugh's arm
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People with guns are usually the enemy in my books.

I can’t help it, this is always the perfect response to these posts.

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Sarah Jane’s guide to being a companion, PART 1:


ONE- If you end up in a suspicious shelter and are offered “food and wine,” you may eat the food if you like, but under no circumstances should you drink the wine! This is especially true if it is green-colored. Who cares if you’re thirsty from all the alien-tentacle-looking food you ate?

TWO- If the Doctor faints from being roofied by two strange men who have been isolated for years, and you’re surrounded by these men, it is essential that you must faint too. Fake it if necessary. What’s the worst that could happen, really? (That was sarcasm).

THREE- If you’re sneaking around an evil scientist’s lair and you hear him and his assistant approaching, but you’ve got nowhere to go? No worries, find the nearest shadow! It will cloak you from thine enemies’ eyes. You are now a ninja.


Logically, if they are less than one yard from where you are, they should be able to see you or detect your presence. But Sarah Jane insists that as long as you’re in the shadows, you shall be perfectly hidden. This technique also works if you are being chased by a bunch of angry matriarchs.

FOUR- If you are rendered blind by an alien technology, keep thinking positively! You can always sell flowers, can’t you? You may start investing your time in growing some lovely fresh violets.


Hahahahaha, this episode, I can’t.

FIVE- When the Doctor tells you to keep calm, do the exact opposite. Scream, panic, and shout “DOCTOR!” instead. Someone will come, I promise.

I feel like starting a blog dedicated to villains’ lack of peripheral vision in Classic Who. It could be a lengthy blog.

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start ur day off right with hearty bowl of gina torres as cleopatra letting xena know she’s DTF.

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Colourized scenes from the Hartnell era. x

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You snap back to being important to each other because you still are

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That time when the Doctor pretended to be a trader from Qarth.

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Best show. Best cast. Best fandom.


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Babara interacts with a larvae gun - The Web Planet

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a passionate eye doctor as he throws glasses into a screaming crowd (via richarcl)

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30 Days of Doctor Who (Classic Series) → Day 9: Favorite friendship

Four + Sarah Jane